Sensibly Cynical

We talk about topics that are on the minds of the masses… while taking the discussions to sensibly extreme levels.

Check out this Sensible or Cynical Reviews... Intro/Outro Combination!

Sean reminisces on his memorable concert experiences over the years!!  From Disturbed all the way to.. Sister Hazel?!?

This week on Sensible or Cynical Reviews, Sean is joined by Darrin of Ghoulish Creations to review the 2003 horror film... Freddy vs. Jason!!

Z from Our Reviews Will Kill You ventures onto Sensibly Cynical with a mission to persuade Sean to watch the Netflix crime drama thriller, Ozark!  Later, the guys examine lime jalapeno chips and delve into GTA Online.  Check it out NOW!!

Sean is joined this week by the amazing freelance model, InkedPanda!  She talks about the inner workings of the modeling industry, her artistic approach, and much more!!  Check this out, you do NOT want to miss this one!

Emily and Jaci from The Greener Grass Podcast join Sensibly Cynical to talk about "Schitt's Creek," the popular sit-com that recently concluded in April of 2020.  Also, Sean gets taught how to play "Would You Rather!"  Schitt's Creek is the SCHITT!

This week on Sensible or Cynical Reviews, Sean is joined by Fear Innes to review the 2020 Horror Film "Gretel & Hansel!"  They had the rough task of staying awake through all of it!  Was it Sensible or Cynical??

Class is in session!  Sean teaches 6 Ways to be Savvy in Life!!  Welcome to Savviness 101...

Sean is joined this week by Josh of the Still Loading Podcast!!  The guys talk about the Legend of Zelda, the amazing history of the franchise, and much more!  Check out this CAN'T MISS episode of Sensibly Cynical now!

Sean reviews the 2017 Heist Comedy Film "Logan Lucky" in the Latest Episode of Sensible or Cynical Reviews!!  With a loaded cast, Logan Lucky shines from start to finish!  Is this a Sensible or Cynical Review??  You DECIDE!

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